Vaginal bleeding during Pregnancy

When to call my doctor?
• Bleeding during pregnancy is relatively common but it can be a dangerous sigh
• Talk to your doctor immediately when to have bleeding

Harmless bleeding – Spotting
• In early pregnancy, you might get some perfectly harmless light bleeding, called spotting because developing embryo plants itself on the wall of your womb
• Remember to speak to your doctor if there is any vaginal bleeding

Vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy
During the first 12 weeks of pregnancy:
• Vaginal bleeding can be a sing of miscarriage or Ectopic pregnancy
A lot of times, harmless
Many women who bleed during first 12 weeks of pregnancy go on to have normal and successful pregnancies.

Seek medical help immediately
Remember to talk to your doctor immediately when you have bleeding.

Vaginal bleeding in late pregnancy
Causes of vaginal bleeding in late pregnancy:
• Cervical tear
• Vaginal infection
• Plug of Mucus coming off Cervix – could be sign of labour
• Placental abruption – a serious condition in which the placenta starts to come away from the womb wall
• Usually accompanied with stomach pain
• Low-lying placenta
• Vasa praevia – a rare condition where the baby’s blood vessels run through the membranes covering the cervix

What to do for vaginal bleeding in late pregnancy?
Talk to your doctor immediately when you have bleeding. They will ascertain the cause and offer medical help accordingly.

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