Hello everybody, I am Dr. Praveen, a neonatologist at NCRI Neonatal Network. Today I am going to talk about transient tachypnea of newborn. Tachypnea means fast breathing. Transient tachypnea of newborn is a condition where a baby who is born might breathe faster than what is expected. This can last anywhere between few hours to up to three days. All the foetuses, when they are inside the womb, have lungs filled with fluid. Once they are born, once they cry, the fluid gets absorbed and air enters into the lung, helping the child to breathe better. However in some infants, this transition doesn’t happen and hence some of the fluid remains in the lungs. This leads to fast breathing.
Some of the infants who are at risk of this are when they are born to mothers with diabetes or when babies are born by caesarean section and mothers are not in labour. Most of the times, this condition will not lead to any long term problems. Babies who are breathing faster even after two to four hours of age might need an NICU admission, close monitoring, many times oxygen as well. The condition severity is assessed by blood test, x-ray, and clinical examination. Most of the newborns once they settle in the breathing will be able to start breathing better and will be discharged to the ward.

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