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Prematurity – Dr. Praveen Venkatagiri and Dr. Adarsh Somashekar

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Praveen, let us discuss today what a premature baby goes through when it is admitted into our neonatal unit? Most newborns are healthy. However, some newborns do need intensive care which is called as neonatal intens...

Newborn doctors visits – Dr. Adarsh Somashekar

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Hello everyone, my name is Adarsh and I am one of the paediatricians working at Ovum Hospital. Today we will be discussing about the visits of a newborn baby after getting discharged from the hospital. So the first mo...

Pacifier – Dr. Kirthi Vidyasagar

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Reasons to use pacifiers Here are some reasons that can justify the use of a pacifier. An informed decision to use pacifiers to soothe fussy babies should be made by only the parents. Now, some studies have shown tha...

Aphthous Mouth Ulcers – Dr. Kirthi Vidyasagar

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Introduction Mouth ulcers known as Apthous mouth ulcers usually affect the loosely attached soft lining tissues of the oral cavity such as the soft palate, the cheeks, the tongue, under the tongue and part of the gum...

Prematurity – Dr. Praveen Venkatagiri

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Hello everybody, I am Praveen, neonatologist at NCRI neonatal network. Today, I’m talking about a very common condition called prematurity. Normally, the new-borns are born after the completion of 40 weeks inside the ...

Postpartum nutrition and weight loss

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Postpartum nutrition and weight loss Tips on weight loss post delivery • Eat at least three meals a day• Limit your total fat intake especially saturated fats found in foods such as bacon, butter, and fried foods ...