Post pregnancy diet

Indian diet list for post pregnancy:
After delivering your bundle of joy, you would surely be feeling great! However, post-delivery mothers would need a diet that provides adequate energy.
• The diet should consist of whole grains, milk, select milk products, green vegetables, and fresh fruits
• The breakfast can consist of your regular staple like idli, dosa or bread sandwiched with vegetables. Fresh fruit can be added to the diet for providing roughage.
• Short eats between the breakfast and lunch like herbal tea with a couple of biscuits can be taken
• After a hot water bath, eating hot jeera or pepper rasam with rice, a salad, and buttermilk rice will help in restoring the energy. A pan (Areca nut and betel leaf) after the meal will provide a good amount of minerals and induce sleep.
• After an evening walk, drinking a cup of coconut water, carrot juice, melon or cucumber juice will help in retaining the water balance
• Drinking a lot of water to clean and detox the body. Energy-rich nuts, fruits, and vegetables give good energy for the breastfeeding mothers.
• The Indian dinner diet can be a smaller meal, with just soup, a little ghee and hot rice, some green leafy vegetable curry and curd.
• A glass of hot plain skimmed milk will complete the post pregnancy day’s diet.

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