Hello everybody, I am Praveen, a neonatologist at NCRI neonatal network. I am going to talk about a condition called Plagiocephaly. Many new-borns have slightly uneven head shape. Head shape will depend on many factors including their genetic makeup, positioning of the head inside the womb and mode of the delivery. Plagiocephaly is a condition where due to positional moulding the one side of the head is flat. Typically when you see from the top, you will see the flatness as well as the prominence of the cheek on that side. This shape will lead to lot of anxiety in the parents. However, do not worry about that. All the new-borns have soft area of the head called Fontanelle, the space provides an opportunity for the brain to grow after the birth as well. Plagiocephaly usually results from preferential sleeping of the infant on one side. It is a very harmless condition and resolves over several months once the baby starts to sit reducing the pressure on the head. To reduce the distortion in the shape of the head, keep changing the direction of the head during the sleep. Starting this early is important because later on changing the head position could be challenging. Give the baby tummy time, where the baby is placed on the tummy on a hard surface for few minutes every day. Try to grab the attention and play with the infant whenever they are lying on the ground to encourage the movements all around. Plagiocephaly does not need any treatment, in some countries helmet is used to improve the shape. However, this has to worn for almost whole day and effectivity is also questionable. Sometimes, abnormal head shape could be related to certain underlying conditions such as torticollis which results from stiff neck or early closure of the Fontanelle leading to small head, a condition called as craniosynostosis. In these medical conditions the infant would need medical help and assessment.