Nutritional needs of postpartum women

Definition of postpartum
Postpartum refers to the post-delivery period.

A stressful period
The postpartum period may be quite stressful due to:
• The physical stress of pregnancy and delivery
• The large amount of pending work that interferes with the nap/rest time

Needs of the new mother
The new mother will need to:
• Replace the nutrients lost during pregnancy and delivery
• Return to a healthy diet
• Eat a healthy diet
• See the doctor for the postpartum medical visit

Importance of a healthy diet
A healthy diet is a must for a new mother as:
• She needs to replace the nutrients that were lost during pregnancy
• To restore energy
• To maintain her body

Nutritional recommendations for postpartum women
• Eat a variety of foods with high nutrient density
• Try using foods that require little or no preparation
• Drink lots of fluids such as water and fresh juices

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