Intensive care unit
About the newborns who need intensive care unit, apart from many other supportive treatments that we do. The temperature care, oxygen requirement, the feeding, and fluid requirement and continuous monitoring, these are the four essential things. First, one I’m going to talk about is the temperature care. Once the newborn is out of the mother’s warm womb, they are exposed to the environment which will lead to significant drop in their body temperature. This can cause immediate as well as long-term problems. Hence, at the time of the delivery, the team will ensure that the baby doesn’t become cold. More so in those newborns who are born very premature or their birth weight is very low. The way we do this, once the newborn is out of the womb, the body has to be rubbed with a clean cloth so that the water gets dried up. However, in extremely small premature infant, we use plastic sheets to cover so that the water evaporation and the low temperature doesn’t happen. And once they are in the intensive care unit, we use certain machines called as warmers. In these, from the top, you provide the heat, you continuously monitor the temperature using probes like these. Connect it to the baby and that will show the continuous temperature and that will be varied according to the requirement of the infant.

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