What is Molluscum Contagiosum?
• This a common skin condition caused by a virus which is seen in children and adults
• It is characterized by a single or multiple dome shaped, pin point – 5mm sized skin colored lesions which can be umbilicated/ dimpled on the top
• They can occur over the face, trunk, armpits or genitals
• They do not cause any discomfort

How It Spreads?
• They are spread by:
– Direct skin contact from person to person
– By coming in contact with objects contaminated with the virus such as towel, toys etc.
– Scratching can easily break the lesion and cause spread to the adjacent areas or other parts of the body touched
– Can be sexually transmitted in adults with lesions on the genitals

• Molluscum contagiosum is usually diagnosed by your doctor by just a clinical exam
• These lesions are usually self-limited and can resolve on their own in a few months to maybe 2-3 years
• If the lesions are a cosmetic concern or are a threat to spread to others then you may be referred to a dermatologist who may treat it with one of the following
– Cryotherapy (freeze treatment)
– Scraping
– Application of medicated cream or lotion to the lesion

Prevention of Spread
• Prevent the spread by
– Keeping the affected areas covered if possible to prevent skin contact to others and to prevent child from scratching it
– Do not share personal items of the affected child such as towels or clothing
– Educate the child on trying to avoid touching the bumps
– Frequent and thorough hand washing

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