Some of the problems that you might see in a child who spends too much media time can include, obesity as watching TV or spending lot of time in front of the media is a sedentary act, you land up indulging in mindless and unnecessary snacking and you’re exposed to the propaganda for junk food via advertisements, the other thing issue we see is behavioural changes, we can see children who are spending too much time with media can exhibit aggressive behaviour, they can have sleep disturbances and they can also have some poor attention in school and third but not the least, you will be compromising on quality family time by say spending too much time in front of the media. You can have poor communication and bonding between family members. You need to make firm rules about when and how much time your kids can spend in front of a media screen. It is recommended that kids younger than 2 should avoid screen time completely. Children about 2 years should not be spending more than 2 hours per day in front of a screen. Older kids should preferably avoid screen time on school days unless required for educational purpose and spend only limited hours on weekends in front of the screen. Stay firm to your rules and explain to the kids the need for such discipline. Here are some of the things you can do in order to instil this discipline in your children. Be an ideal role model, show your kids that you can stay entertained without spending too much screen time, you also follow the viewing rules set at home for the kids. Always be aware of what the kids are watching, media viewing needs to be age appropriate. Install parental lock on channels not suitable for children, monitor web surfing by the kids. Now, do not install TVs and video games in your kid’s bedroom. Watching TV during meal time is an absolute No No. Dinner times are meant for value build and interactive family conversations. You can substitute screen time with fun activities. Plan out fun activities for what may have been time spent in front of a screen like play games with your kids, encourage them to be involved with outdoor activity when it is bright outside such as cycling, swimming, dancing etc. Reading to your kids can inculcate a reading habit for when they cannot play outdoors. Allow kids to plan out an activity for the weekend such as baking, hiking, a picnic etc. Limiting screen time is important for a mental and physical wellbeing.