Keeping your kids safe around water

• Drowning is one of the unintentional accidents where delay of even a few minutes in rescue can result in loss of life
• Children are at risk for drowning in all age groups
• Less than a year old – can drown in bathtubs or buckets
• 1 – 4 years olds – can drown in swimming pools
• Older kids – can drown in natural water bodies like the ocean, lakes etc.

Basic rules around water
• Constant adult supervision, while your child is in or around water, is the best way to keep them safe
• Do not leave kids to play with toys in a bathtub while you are getting around to doing some work
• Always empty buckets after use
• Keep bathrooms closed and latched when not in use to prevent little kids exploring and playing with water unsupervised
• Never go boating or indulge in any recreational activity in water without wearing life jackets

Safety tips around pools
• Lay down firm ground rules where without prior permission from a parent or without an adult accompanying no kid is allowed to go near or in a pool
• Enrolling kids in age-appropriate swimming lessons can teach them an important skill
• Do not be distracted with doing anything else while kids are in the pool
• Ensure there is a safety ring with a rope accessible near the pool
• Do not let kids run and play around water bodies
• If you have a home pool have it surrounded by 4 feet high fence where the latch is high

What to do?
• Educating kids about the dangers of drowning can make them more cautious
• If a child is not to be seen then always check the pool or any water around first as it only takes a few seconds or minutes to cause life-threatening damage when they slip under water
• Get a drowning child out of water as quickly as possible, if possible perform CPR and call for an ambulance or rush to nearest hospital immediately

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