Itching during Pregnancy
• Many women complain of having an itchy sensation during pregnancy
• As the pregnancy progresses, with the expanding uterus the skin around the abdomen expands and tightens, making this area very dry and itchy
• Other affected areas include breasts and thighs
• Women who have a history of dermatitis may notice that the condition worsens during pregnancy
• Severe itching can also be a result of an underlying liver condition which requires medical evaluation
• Please consult your doctor if you experience severe itching or before using any medication to relieve itching

What can you do about it?
• Avoid taking a bath with very hot water as it tends to make the skin more dry. Take a lukewarm bath instead
• Use mild and fragrance free soaps for bathing
• Maintain well hydrated skin by using a moisturizing lotion after taking a bath
• Avoid scratching, use a calamine lotion to relieve itching
• Use a humidifier in your room if you experience extreme dryness
• Consult a doctor if you experience severe and persistent itching and simple home remedies don’t seem to work for you
• The doctor may recommend anti-itch cream/ lotion that is safe to use during pregnancy

• As the pregnancy progresses, the skin stretches and tightens. This leads to dryness and itching of the skin mainly around the abdomen (also impacts hips and thighs)
• Itching that is intense could spread to legs and hands, causing red, raised patches on the skin
• In most cases this resolves itself after delivery
• Severe itching late in the pregnancy should be evaluated by a physician as it could be due to an underlying liver condition that can be treated
• Please consult your doctor before using anti-itch ointments and other medicines

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