International Travel and Kids
Travelling with kids can be a lot of fun and yet a bit challenging especially if you are planning an international holiday and one that requires a long duration on the flight. Now good planning and preparation is the key to reducing anxiety towards your children and enjoying the vacation.

Now make a checklist of the things to do. One before travel, at the airport and on the flight and at the holiday destination.

Things to do before the travel
Now here is some of the things to do before the travel. Try to choose a destination that is somewhat kid friendly where there may be some age appropriate activities to keep your child happy. Have all the required legal papers ready well ahead of time like your passport, visa etc. Buy an international health insurance for medical coverage. Book for an evening flight preferably so that it can coincide with your child’s sleep schedule. Pack according to the weather you are going into and also do not carry excess baggage. Talk to kids about the destination and discuss a bit about the history of the place and about its tourist attractions so the kids kind of know what to expect.

Medical preparation
Now how do you get medically prepared before your international travel? Well, the first thing to do is to schedule your child for a physical check up with your paediatrician before the travel. If your child has any pre-existing medical conditions, make sure you fill in prescriptions from your paediatrician to carry enough medication to last you for the whole trip. You can contact your embassy to get some information regarding accessibility to doctors and hospitals in the respective places which can be of help in an event of medical problems. Carry all immunization and relevant medical records of your child during the travel.
Visit your doctor at least a month ahead of time so that you can ensure your child can receive any additional vaccines or prophylactic medications as per the requirement of the place you plan to visit.
Now, the information for the vaccines, medical ailments and prophylactic medications or prescriptions to be taken for these different countries can be obtained over the web. Some of these websites where you can get these information include the American Academy of Pediatrics and WHO.

Stay safe and healthy
Here are some tips to keep your baby safe and healthy while on this trip. You can make sure that little babies are nursing or they are feeding from a bottle. The older kids, they are sipping on fluids or sucking on a hard candy during takeoff and landing in a flight. So, as to help to keep the ear pressure normalized. Make sure that when you are at your travel destination, you child is constantly and adequately supervised. Have your children sit in car seats and make sure they are well restrained with the seat belts while travelling in car. Make sure your children are wearing life jackets while doing water activities. Have your children wear clothing that covers them adequately so as to prevent mosquito and other insects from biting them. Use age appropriate insect repellants after discussing with your doctor. Make sure your children wash their hands thoroughly and frequently and that they use hand sanitizers. The drinking water should preferably be bottled and it should be clean. In case of little babies make sure that you have made arrangements to sterilize their feeding bottles if they are not nursing and that you’ve have carried enough formula if they are bottle fed and baby food to last you through the trip. Older children can be encouraged to try the local cuisine, however, make sure that they are eating in a places that are hygienic and that food is well cooked.

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