Infertility is the inability for a couple to become pregnant. Like when they are having regular contact with each other and still with 10-12 month of regular contact, if they are not able to conceive or become pregnant, it is called infertility.
Any couple who are facing this problem, they were advised to go for the treatment to the doctor. Their treatment will be, the doctor will be investigating whether females have a problem. Sometimes there will be a problem with the males also.
It is a concept like general belief that any woman who is not able to become pregnant, the commonest feeling will be the woman is the causative factor. But that is not the truth. Both male and female partners will be responsible for it.
And when we see their literature and when we have seen in the clinical practice, we have seen that both male and female partners will not be having any problem, even then they will not be able to become pregnant. This we call it as unexplained infertility. Means there is no reason. Both of them are healthy- Female partner is also healthy and males also will not have any problem.
There are reasons you have to go to the doctor and get yourself checked up and investigate it and see what is the exact cause and then get treatment for it. Sometimes there are no reasons, also doctor will offer you options- investigations options where simple measures will end up in chances of conceiving or becoming pregnant.

Coming to the reasons of pregnancy, not becoming pregnant in a female partner. We divided it, maybe during the problems in the blood. Sometimes like haemoglobin is less, their blood levels are less, their thyroid levels are high or less, hormonal levels are less or they are suffering from infection. Sometimes very simple infections like vaginal infections which will be causing infertility and they will not be able to conceive. So the doctor will see into those aspects and then treat you accordingly. Other reasons are simple as that apart from vaginal infection.
There are many reasons why female partner is not conceiving. When we see into the female reproductive structure. This is the vagina, uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries.
If there is any confection in this vagina entry level there are chances that woman will not conceive because of this infection. There are simple methods where we can insert tablets and clear this vagina so chance of pregnancy is increased. Apart from that when we see, if you see this, this is the uterus. The pregnancy embryo gets implanted in the uterus. If there are any addition or infection in this part, uterine part, we call it as uterine factors, the pregnancy chances will be little delayed, which needs treatment and is treatable. Other than that as you see in the diagram where apart from the uterus there are the Fallopian tubes. The functions of the Fallopian tube is to carry the egg from the ovary and then that is the place for fertilisation. If there are any tubal blocks the chances of pregnancy will be delayed. These are the organs called ovaries which are supposed to release the eggs. If there is any delay in the production of eggs, deformed eggs or eggs are not forming, there is some cyst commonly known as polycystic ovarian disease. Even then the pregnancy chances get delayed. So your doctor will see through the scanning about this PCOD problem and treat accordingly so that the egg production will be effectively managed through medicines and treatment.

For males there is a count- semen count- if it is very less or mortality is low or it is sluggish. Even then they will not be able to end up in pregnancy. For all this there are some investigations as simple as doing some blood tests and scanning and doctors will help you overcome all this problems and majority of the cases will be treated with medical methods.

In- vitro Fertilisation
Only for those couples who have a problem in both male and female we have treatment options called intrauterine insemination. And even that is also not ending up in pregnancy then we go for In-vitro fertilisation techniques which all of you know as IVF. So those success rates are around 45-55% that couples can go for.

I explained the female reasons for not becoming pregnant. There are some male reasons like semen being a problem- husband having less count, mortality will be less. So when we look into all the reasons for infertility what I have seen is common reason is stress. Whenever a couple undergoes a lot of stress that is one of the factors. Maybe stress because of work pressure, stress because of night duty, stress because of family factors.
The common reasons are stress and anxiety. Once a couple is relaxed and understand the reasons for infertility and then take treatment accordingly then chances of pregnancy will be good. So stress free life is the best thing to attain some success in pregnancy.

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