Head lice are tiny wingless parasitic insects that feed on human body by biting into the scalp and infest the human hair.

Now, lice infestation can be commonly seen in school children who can present with an itchy scalp and a crawling sensation.

They spread by head to head contact and can be detected in hair of any length and irrespective of hygienic conditions.

Now, the lice eggs called as nits are tiny yellow-brown in colour and are firmly attached to the hair strands hence are more likely to be seen whereas the adult lice can move very quickly making them hard to find.

Now, how do we look for these lice? You need to wet the hair and divide them into sections and under bright light comb the sections using a fine tooth comb or a lice comb.
Now, what do we do if we find a head lice. You need to apply an over the counter lice shampoo over the entire scalp and hair using amounts stated on the product or as directed by your doctor. Leave on for a few minutes, wash and rinse thoroughly.

Make sure the child is fully dressed during use of such products in order to minimize contact to the skin and definitely avoid exposure to the eyes.

Thereafter comb the hair with the lice comb and continue to do so daily for 2 to 3 weeks. Remember to wash combs and brushes in hot water and soap after use.

Two treatments 7 to 9 days apart usually gets rid of all lice.

Treat all close household contacts in order to eradicate the problem completely.

If after 8 to 12 hours of treatment the lice are still active and the home treatment is not working see your paediatrician for prescription strength medications. Thank you