When it comes to the eye, sports related injuries are the most common cause for serious vision damage in children. Hence, you definitely should see your eye doctor any time your child gets hardly hit on the eye. Kids should wear protective eye glasses or a helmet with eye shields while playing games such as cricket, hockey or other contact sports. Select age appropriate toys which do not possess sharp or pointy edges and those which can fly or shoot as they may poke the eyes. Safety proof your house by putting gates at stairs, padding sharp edges of the furniture, putting locks on cabinet   drawers which may contain sharp objects or hazardous house cleaning chemicals and lotions or body sprays. Do not let your child near fireworks, avoid your child gazing into the sun directly. Here are some of the first aid tips when it comes to an eye injury. Now, when a dust particle settles in the eye, do not let your child rub the eye, flush their eyes with clean water while lifting the upper eye lid away. If the particle does not dislodge, then gently cover the eye without apply pressure and see an eye specialist right away. When the front surface of the eye is scratched by a finger nail, a foreign body in eye or by a sharp object, it may cause pain and excessive tearing. This is what we call a scratched cornea, do not let your child rub the eyes in this situation, do not flush with water or use any ointments, gently cover the eye and see an eye specialist as soon as possible. Now, accidently chemical is sprayed in the eye, flush the eyes thoroughly with clean water by tilting the head to the side of the affected eye and pouring water from a glass repeatedly. Take your child to an emergency room or an eye specialist with the chemical product if possible. A blunt hit to the eye with a ball or the elbow you need to then immediately apply ice pack gently to the eye if the surrounding swelling is present. Give a dose of paracetamol if the child is in pain. Have the eye evaluated by the specialist for any internal injury. Thank you