Benefits of Breast Milk
• Early initiation of breastfeeding is important for establishing successful location
• Ideally new-born babies should receive their first feed within half an hour of birth
• In caesarean deliveries newborn should receive their first feed within 4-6 hours of life

• The first breast milk is called colostrum
• It is basically first immunization that the baby receives from the mother
• It is yellow in colour and sticky
• It is highly nutritious and rich in antibodies (anti-infective substances)
• It is rich in vitamin A
• It has more protein and less fat and carbohydrate

Benefits of breast milk
• Breast milk is the best natural food for babies
• Breast milk is always clean
• Breast milk protects the baby from diseases
• Breast milk makes the child more intelligent
• Breast milk is available 24 hours/day and requires no special preparation
• Breast milk is nature’s gift to the infant and does not need to be purchased
• Breastfeeding makes a special relationship between mother and baby
• Breastfeeding helps parents to space their children
• Breastfeeding helps a mother to shed extra weight gained during pregnancy

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