Baby Walker
Walking is a normal developmental milestone that is achieved after the baby has learned to sit, crawl and stand. Your baby will walk without support anywhere between 12-18 months of age. It is a myth that infant walkers will help your babies walk sooner.

Is it safe?
Now, most doctors would advise against the use of walkers because this act can put your baby at risk for serious accidents and injuries such as head injuries, fractures, burns, cuts and bruises.

Now, the walker can give your exploring baby the speed, hence they can run into things, topple over, stumble down stairs. The walker can give them the access to unreachable objects such as hot vessels on stove tops or the table top, small objects such as coins which can pose as a choking hazard, hazardous chemical cleaning solutions which are usually put away in draws or shelves which can now be easily reached, electrical sockets etc.

What should we do?
Do not be under the impression that the walker will keep your baby safe and supported with minimal supervision. Your baby needs extra supervision while in a walker as accidents can happen so quickly. Instead, you can put your baby in a play pen which is an enclosed space, allowing for your child to safely sit, crawl and play while you can do your work and keep an eye on the baby.

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